Lewisville, TX Tattoo Shop

All MicroDermal Anchors - $55 each or $45 each for two or more

All Standard Piercings:
Cartiledge - $35
Conch/orbital - $35
Daith - $45
Dimples - $55
Eyebrow - $35
Forward Helix - $35 for one or $55 for double and $65 for triple
Industrial - $45
Any Lip - $35
Lobes - $35 for one or $25 each for two or more
Navel - $35
Nipples - $45 for one or $65 for both
Nostril - $35
Rook - $45
Septum - $45
Tongue - $45
Tragus/Anti Tragus - $45

$5 discount on all of the prices above if paid in CASH!

  • Above the Waist Only (No Genital Piercings)
  • Must be 18 or Older with Picture ID or no younger than 16 with a parent. Must have ID's and Birth Certificate for anyone under 18.
  • Prices are Subject to Change at Any Time
  • All Piercings are Done Using Standard Method
  • Piercer Can Deny Service for Any Reason

AfterCare Instructions:
We recommend you use a product called H2Ocean on all piercings. It is a high quality saline solution formulated specifically for piercings and is the most effective in preventing and treating any minor irritations or infections. This product can be found at Hot Topic if not available for purchase in our shop at the time of your visit.

Once or twice daily, soak a the end of a Q-Tip with your H2Ocean.
Gently, wipe your Q-Tip around the site of your piercing to remove any visable "crusties". Then, spray the H2Ocean directly over the piercing for about 5 seconds - let air dry. Do this for at least 2 weeks.

Remember not to touch any new piercings with your fingers - it is the number one cause of infections.

Feel free to contact us at (972) 436-3450 with any questions or concerns.